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Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea (10 sac X 22gm)

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Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea (10 sac X 22gm)

Black Sugar Ginger Tea is a healthy food with added black sugar. Black sugar origins from Taiwan with combination of Indonesia old ginger and tea, it gives a smooth satisfying taste.

INGREDIENT(s): Black Sugar, Ginger Powder, Tea Powder

SIZE: 22g x 10 sachets

A soothing drink to help ease the discomfort during menstrual period.

STH Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea is a healthy drink for every one of all ages. Using selected black sugar origins from Taiwan, old ginger and tea from Indonesia, we are dedicated to make this nutritious health beverage an everyday drink for everyone given its smooth and satisfying taste.

Old gingers are carefully picked for this formula as they are much more effective with higher value of nutrition compared to young ginger.

In Soon Thye Hang, we use only the best selected ingredients with NO preservatives, NO artificial colorings, NO flavoring.

Choose only the best for yourself! You deserve the best.

1) Eases discomfort and pain during menstrual period
2) Treats painful menstruation by moving and nourishing the blood
3) Helps to cure nausea from motion sickness and pregnancy period
4) Alleviates stomach discomfort including reducing intestinal gas production
5) Warms body and enhances blood circulation in the body
6) Nerve calming and helps insomnia
7) Reduces cough and phlegm

1) Pour a sachet of STH Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea into 500 ml of water.
2) Stir well and it’s ready to enjoy

It is recommended for daily consumption. Adjust according by adding more water if it is too spicy. Best drink warm for better effect.