Champagne & Sparkling

Champagne Carbon was created in 2011 by Alexandre Mea, heir in the fifth generation to the Devavry family, who set up their viniculture in Champillon in 1920. 

While the Devavry family has always been a smaller but highly exquisite viticulturist, Alexandre Mea however sensed the opportunity to create something even more distinctive than his grandfather's older vintages. After more than four years of research and development into a bottle wrapped in carbon as an advanced technological counterpoint to the traditionally selected and hand-processed grapes of the only 15 ha large vineyard, he founded Champagne Carbon in 2011. “Only the finest fruits from Grand Cru and Premier Cru regions are harvested handmade”, said Alexandre Mea, Chief Executive Officer of Champagne Carbon.

The handcrafted bottle has a carbon fiber wrap which is constructed over the course of 37 complex stages and available in a range of different finishes. This unique application provides protection from light and preserves the taste of the wine over time.