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STH Nine Baked Korean Bamboo Salt 150g

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STH Nine Baked Korean Bamboo Salt 150g

Korean bamboo salt is refined through the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements (water, wood, earth, fire, and metal) in the East. It has been circulated in Korea for thousands of years and is widely used in natural medicine, skin care and general health care.

The benefit of bamboo salt is the king of alkaline foods (pH index is as high as 9-12), which can balance the acidity in the human body. It also contains 70-80 types of mineral and trace element. It is also an excellent antioxidant (ORP index is as high as -426mV), which can effectively activate cells. The repeated long-term high-temperature calcination process also gives bamboo salt the characteristics of releasing far infrared rays, which can help promote blood circulation.


The process of Korean Nine Baked Bamboo Salt

Natural sea salt from South Korea’s west coast is used. The sea salt is dried then put into bamboo tubes that have grown for more than 3 years. Seal the bamboo tube with unpolluted yellow clay from the deep mountains. Using pine wood as fuel, bamboo salt is calcined at a high temperature of 900°C to 1500°C to remove heavy metals and absorb minerals from bamboo tubes and yellow clay.

The bamboo salt that has been calcined once, clean the bamboo ash, then grind the bamboo salt into powder and put it into the bamboo tube again and seal it with yellow clay for the next calcination. Each calcination will increase good minerals and remove more pollution sources.

When bamboo salt enters the ninth calcination, the color of bamboo salt changes from off-white to purple. Scientists believe that the main reason for the change in color of bamboo salt is the change in the arrangement of sulfur molecules, from the scattered molecular form to the orderly arranged hexagonal sulfur molecules.

In the development process, the five elements (water, wood, soil, fire, and gold) are used to combine the energy of these five elements to form the best purple bamboo salt.


Why choose Nine Baked Bamboo Salt?

Bamboo salt has eliminated all harmful substances (such as heavy metals, chemical substances) that are harmful to the human body during the production process, and its nutritional value has been greatly improved. Most common table salt is chemically processed, and the sodium ratio is relatively high. Long-term consumption is harmful to the human body.


Benefits of Nine Baked Bamboo Salt

The benefit of long-term consuming of bamboo salt is to help neutralize acidic toxins in the human body and fundamentally improve human health. Numerous scientific studies have shown the effects of other protagonists, such as: improving diabetes, weight loss, anti-cancer, anti-allergic, neutralizing gastric acid, relieving arthritis, maintaining oral health, preventing bacterial infections, improving throat discomfort, and so on.