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STH Antioxidant Organic Caffeine-free Rooibos Tea

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STH Antioxidant Organic Caffeine-free Rooibos Tea

STH Organic Rooibos Tea is organically grown in Cedarberg, South Africa. It is regularly controlled by ECOCERT, an independent inspection body accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture of South Africa. 

  • INGREDIENT(s): Premium Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves
  • SIZE: 2.5g x 40 Tea Bags 

NO additives, NO preservatives, NO colorants, NO pesticides and all the fertilizers used are natural. Therefore, it is of great health value as well as contributing to a cleaner and natural environment. 

Our Soon Thye Hang’s Organic Rooibos Tea is free from caffeine and highly rich in antioxidants. It helps to reduce urine acid and protects us from joint inflammation. It is suitable to be consumed at any time by anyone. 


1)    Fights free radicals to maintain and protect healthy cells

2)    Prevents hair loss, increase hair growth and strengthen hair fibers

3)    Boost our immune system to prevent common cold, viruses, and flu

4)    Relieves and prevents hypertension by lowering blood pressure

5)    Prevents cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks

6)    Helps to combat symptoms of asthma

7)    Promotes healthy bones and teeth as Rooibos is rich in manganese, calcium, fluoride

8)    Prevents and improves joint pain, osteoporosis, and arthritis by building bone mass

9)    Boosts our digestive tract to ease stomach cramps, abdominal pain and aid digestion

10)    Helps to prevent Type II Diabetes by preventing spikes in blood sugar

11)    Improves blood circulation


1)    Place one bag of STH Organic Rooibos Tea in a cup.

2)    Add boiling water into the cup.

3)    Allow to infuse for 2-3 minutes before enjoying!

4)    You may even add in lemon or ice cubes as desired.

SUGGESTION: 1 to 2 times a day