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STH Shell Slice 260gm

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STH Shell Slice 260gm

Soon Thye Hang’s dried shell slice is obtained from conch’s flesh and dried before slicing. Conch is a type of marine shell animal. It tastes very similarly delicious as abalone.


Shell slice or conch is mild in nature, possesses the ability to nourish human’s Yin, enhance our kidneys and livers, improve appetite, nourish blood, beautify skin, reduce body heat and increase eyesight.

It is highly rich in protein, minerals, inorganic salt, vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, shell slice is known for its health benefits in enhancing men’s strength, increase physical stamina, improve digestive function, boost energy, and improve memory.

Who is suitable to consume shell slice?

Shell slice is suitable for everyone, especially those with heaty body, weak kidney with frequent urination, poor skin condition, bad eyesight and etc.

Who is not advisable to consume shell slice?

Person who has deficiency of spleen and stomach is not advisable to consume shell slice.


Dried shell slice need to be soaked in water for 5 hours to soften, before it can be cut into smaller slices to add into soup or other dishes.

What is the cooking method for shell slice?

Shell slice can be added into soup, stew, steam, or stir fry as desired.