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STH Pearl Peach Resin 250GM

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STH Pearl Peach Resin 250GM

Peach Resins, or also known as Peach Gum, is rich in collagen for beautiful and wrinkle-free skin. It helps to cleanse blood and clears acne scars. It also prevents urinary tract infections with regular consumption. It’s nutritional value and taste is very similar to bird’s nest yet at a much lower price than bird’s nest, hence it is also highly sought after by everyone.。


1)Rich in collagen 富含胶原蛋白

2)Reduces wrinkle and helps in skin rejuvenation 抗皱嫩肤

3)Helps in weight loss and intestinal detoxification 减肥清血排脂肪

4)Lightens skin pigmentation 淡化色斑

5)Helps to prevent female diseases 预防妇科疾病

6)Helps to prevent diabetes 预防糖尿病

7)Controls blood sugar 控制高血压


As peach resin is dried and packed, it is required to be soaked in water to be expanded to near 15 times bigger in size before consumption.

Consumption for one serving is merely 10 to 15g. Peach resin is tasteless itself and its jelly-like texture can be stir fried, stew, or serve it as chilled appetizer.

The most common serving method will be dessert with brown sugar, lotus seed, red dates and goji berries. Peach resin is suitable for all ages. Soaked resins may look dirty hence may require few times of washing to remove the dirt.