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STH Organic Red Dates XL 500gm

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STH Organic Red Dates XL 500gm

Three Dates a day, Keep You Young Forever! Even best for mum after birth!

Red dates have long been heralded as a Superfood in traditional herbs and been labelled as “The King of Nuts” for their rich nutritional value. It contains up to 80 times more in Vitamin C than other fruits making it great for people who are recovering from serious diseases. Making it even better for the sickly, red dates are said to stimulate the production of white blood cells, suppress cancer cells, and many more health benefits to guard against common ailments.

Though red dates are eaten by everyone, it is especially popular with women for its highly rated beauty and health effects. Because of their ability in enriching and replenishing blood, many women eat red dates during menstrual period and it’s even best for mother who is undergoing postnatal period after giving birth!

1) High source of Vitamin C
2) Suppress cancerous cells and improves immune system
3) Decreases bad cholesterol level
4) Prevents osteoporosis and anemia, especially common in women
5) Enriches and replenishes blood
6) Helps to maintain youthful and beautiful complexion