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STH [2PKTS] Monkey Head Mushroom 100gm

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STH [2PKTS] Monkey Head Mushroom 100gm

The Monkey Head Mushroom, also known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is a type of medicinal mushroom due to its incredible benefits. It’s known for improving brain function (improving memory and cognition) as well as heart health.

Monkey head mushrooms also make superb vegetarian cuisine with high protein. They taste similar to crab meat, with a tender and juicy texture, which make these mushrooms a good replacement for seafood in recipes.


1. High protein, low fat, rich in minerals and vitamins.

2. It has the function of improving the body’s immunity and anti-aging.

3. Contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride content, regulate blood lipids, and facilitate blood circulation. It is an ideal food for cardiovascular patients.

4. It contains a variety of amino acids and rich polysaccharides, which can help digestion, and has remarkable effects on gastritis, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other digestive tract diseases.

5. The contained polysaccharides, peptides and fatty substances can inhibit the synthesis of genetic material in cancer cells, thereby preventing and treating digestive tract cancers and other malignant tumors.