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Magda IQF Frozen French Mushroom | Premium Grade | 1kg

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Magda IQF Frozen French Mushroom | Premium Grade | 1kg

At Magda we are careful to manage the resources intelligently, in partnership with our pickers. We ask them to only pick the mushrooms of the right size and calibre, To best meet our customer expectations and not damage the undergrowth. In this way, the reproductive cycles continue naturally. Mushrooms are perishable so the processing is done on the harvest site. As soon as they are delivered, they are taken from the baskets to the MAGDA® workshops for their “Star” treatment. Our expertise involves three essential, almost artisan stages. Each mushroom is painstakingly inspected by hand, brushed, scraped then sorted. Depending on its quality, calibre and size, it will be kept whole, cut or sliced before freezing.

FREEZING ? THIS IS THE IDEAL PROCESS FOR PRESERVING THE FRESHNESS AND ALL THE FLAVOURS OF THE FOREST Once the sorting is done, Magda® immediately freezes the mushrooms, using a specific process that guarantees the best preservation of the natural textures, aromas and flavours. From forest to plate, freezing is the most efficient process for respecting the thousands of nuances of wild mushroom flavours. Our mushrooms and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness, then frozen within 24 hours at very low temperature. There is no time for them to be altered by air, heat or other external factors; their freshness is preserved, not forgetting their appearance and flavour. DO FROZEN MUSHROOMS HAVE AS MUCH FLAVOUR AS FRESH MUSHROOMS? Yes! Freezing is one of the best techniques for preserving the quality of foods. With this process, the nutrients are maintained in an almost exactly natural state and the food can be preserved for many months. During cooking, there is no change to the colours or the flavours. The nutritional qualities and flavours of the mushrooms and vegetables are preserved…for a long time!

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