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Honest Butcher Elite Aus Wagyu MB4/7 Brisket Shabu 200gm

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Honest Butcher Elite Aus Wagyu MB4/7 Brisket Shabu 200gm

Honest Butcher Aussie Wagyu Shabu is a high quality fresh, tender, juicy and flavourful meat that goes well for steamboat occasions. 

  • ± 200gm
  • High quality fresh and frozen vacuum pack
  • Tender, juicy and flavorful
  • Suggested cooking method: Shabu, Steamboat

Wagyu is known around the world for its tender, high-end beef, yet the ins-and-outs of Wagyu beef still remain something of a mystery to people outside of the country. The term “Wagyu”, which means Japanese (“wa”) and cow (“gyu”), essentially refers to several breeds of Japanese cattle that have been domesticated from wild oxen. The most common breed is the Japanese Black, which makes up around 70 percent of cattle in Japan

Karubi, or boneless short rib / flanken-cut rib, is one of the most popular cuts of beef for yakiniku. Tender and very juicy, karubi has more marbling than roast cuts do. Go for “sankaku karubi” or “jo-karubi” if you want an especially marbled piece. For the best flavor, cook for 80 percent of the time on one side until the meat has a nice grilled color, and only 20 percent on the other side. Because of its heavy marbling, a slice of karubi around 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick can be ready to flip in as little as 10 seconds.

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