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GBT Seasoned Sushi Vinegar 300ml

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GBT Seasoned Sushi Vinegar 300ml

The most legitimate sushi vinegar must use the Japanese Clarose sushi rice ferments into rice vinegar, regards as the original vinegar, add sugar and sea salt to processing becomes sushi vinegar. The best sushi vinegar color assumes faint yellow and crystal clear, the flavor is dilute acid, does not have the sour odor as the aged vinegar and the fruits vinegar.

  • Mixes directly into sushi rice, added in seafood to make the delicious sushi
  • Ideal seasoning flavor for making salad
  •  Ideal for direct consume, can help ease Dyspepsia problem, soften blood vessel, reduce the risk of stroke.
Ingredients : Calrose Sushi Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Sea Salt

How to Mix with Sushi Rice:

  1. Ideal mixes ratio is one bowl of sushi rice added with one tablespoon of sushi vinegar. You can add in lemon or plum to make it tastier.

Take Note: When add in sushi vinegar to mix with sushi rice, it must mix well and evenly, otherwise the sushi rice will become stiffen.

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