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STH [2BTL] Zun Ding Canada Ginseng x30gm

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STH [2BTL] Zun Ding Canada Ginseng x30gm

Soon Thye Hang’s Zun Ding Canada Ginseng comes from Ontario, Canada. The climate, temperature, soil and other geographical environment of Ontario are very suitable for the growth of Canada Ginseng. The quality of the ginseng grown in Ontario is excellent.

The main component of Canada Ginseng is ginseng saponins. The higher the ginsenoside content, the higher the nutritional value. Canada Ginseng is a good ingredient for nourishing effect in daily life. It can be consumed with food, soaked in drink, stewed soup, etc. Consuming it regularly can improve body health effectively.

Zun Ding Canada Ginseng are authentic ginseng slices (cut with planer) with strong ginseng flavor, fragrant, bittersweet taste and high saponin content. Its shape is long and thin as well as its degree of dryness is high. It is easier to brew ginseng flavor. The slices can increase the contact surface between the raw materials and the water, so that the nutrients can be released better.  The nutrients in the ginseng slices can be broken ddown more easily, and the absorption of the human body will be better.

The efficacy of Canada Ginseng:

  1. Enhance the function of the central nervous system

The saponins in Canada Ginseng can effectively enhance the function of the central nervous system, achieve the effect of concentrating, enhancing memory, eliminating fatigue, etc. It is suitable for people with insomnia, irritability, memory loss and senile dementia.

  1. Improve immunity

Canada Ginseng is the first choice of herbs for nourishing and health care. It can help promote the synthesis of serum protein, bone marrow protein, organ protein, etc. It also can effectively improve the body’s immunity.

  1. Protect the cardiovascular system

Consuming Canada Ginseng regularly can resist arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, myocardial oxidation, and strengthen myocardial contractility. The symptoms of coronary heart disease patients are qi & yin deficiency, palpitation & shortness of breath. Long-term use of Canada Ginseng has a significant effect. It can regulate blood pressure. It can effectively reduce temporary and persistent blood pressure, help to recover from hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases.

  1. Promote blood vitality

Canada Ginseng can reduce blood coagulation, inhibit platelet aggregation, anti-atherosclerosis, promote the growth of red blood cells, and increase hemoglobin.

  1. Fight diabetes

Canada Ginseng can reduce blood sugar, regulate insulin secretion, promote metabolism, and have a good effect on fighting diabetes.

  1. Nourish the lungs and reduce heat

Canada Ginseng is “cold” (yin) in nature, good for heart, lung and kidney. It has the effect of nourishing the lung and reducing body heat.