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Calming and refreshing, this plant is also rich in essential oils and immediately refreshes and reenergizes the body upon consumption.This amazing leaf is high in anti oxidant and also rich with flavanoids, polyphenols and is known for its anti bacterial properties. Kaffir lime is calming and refreshing at the same time and is rich in essential oils with an aroma that you will never forget.


Piper Nigrum ( semen) 0.2gmPiper Nigrum (semen) 0.2gmQuercus Infectoria ( semen) 0.2gmUsnea Barbata ( radix ) 0.2gmKaempferia Galanga ( radix) 0.4gmZingiber Officinale ( rhizome) 0.4gmCurcuma Domestica ( rhizome) 0.4gm

How To Use

Steep 1 sachet of tea into a teapot of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Remove sachet and keep refrigerated in a sealed container until the next usage. Tea sachets can be used twice if stored properly. Sweeten with honey is necessary. However, to get the full herbal flavor, it is best to drink the tea without any sweeteners. Keep the tea in the fridge for a nice cool tea during summer days!

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