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Product details of Original sudio KLANG series In-Ear Hybrid Earphones

  • 3-button remote and mic - Experience crystal clear voice quality with our custom MEMS mic
  • Flat cord - Avoid tangle, the flat anti-tangle cord is made out of stiff and robust material
  • L-shaped Plug - The L-shaped plug is designed to fit perfectly in your pocket
  • Custom KLANG 10mm Driver - Our custom driver lets you experience a perfect balanced sound experience
  • MEMS-Technology Mic - MEMES-technology with a built-in echo cancellation feature makes the audio perfect in nearly all situations

Product Description

Everything from the selection of materials, colours and components has been carefully chosen to make Sudio Klang as minimalistic and sleek as possible. With a full-feature 3-button remote and stay-in-ear technology, sound is taken to a new level by allowing the Sudio Klang listener to immerse in a world of pure sonic bliss. The 10mm dynamic speaker is designed to deliver a natural bass without compromising high tones. Klang lets you experience a true representation of the artist’s recording! Klang has also been designed to wear as an everyday accessory, with one cable created to be longer than the other. The longer cable receives support from the user's neck to prevent the earphones from being pulled out. Please note that the remote is designed for iOS, but other operating systems will still have a functioning button for picking up calls, but the functions of the increase/decrease volume buttons may differ. The sound is as amazing on all phones!

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