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What's inside the box - 1 x Graymelin Trouble Solution Toner (Acne) 130ml

Toner for problematic skin. Graymelin Trouble Solution Special Skin Toner helps effectively fight inflammation, thanks to the content of a whole complex of plant extracts. Licorice root extract removes redness of the skin. The extract of the leaves of aloe provides intensive moisturizing and nourishment of sensitive skin.

The juice of the cypress tuscan has a powerful antibacterial effect, and also has excellent cleaning properties. It helps to remove the itchy skin that is caused by dry skin, soothes the skin.
Beta-glucan improves skin immunity, prevents inflammation.

The use of the toner makes the skin soft, promotes narrowing of the pores, regulates the water-fat balance, and significantly refreshes the skin of the face.

Application: Apply to the cotton pad the required amount of toner and distribute it on the previously cleaned skin of the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Volume: 130 ml.

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