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What's inside the box - 1 x Graymelin Oxygen Bubble Mask Cleanser 200ml

Graymelin Oxygen Mask Cleanser (make up remover + whitening + anti acne + cleanser)

Love and treat your skin with Graymelin Oxygen Mask Bubble Facial Spa Mask Pack Cleanser.
A soft, rich Oxygen bubbles that cleanses every corner of your pores.

Not only is it an Oxygen Mask but it cleanses+brightens+renew your skin as well as removes make up. Removing all the dead skin, dirt in your pores and removes excess makeup as well.

1- Wash your face and neck, and wipe it with clean towel
2- Apply evenly a suitable amount to your face and neck
3- Let it set about 30-40 seconds ( the bubbles will form ) and massage your face and neck softly with the bubbles.
4- Wash your face and neck with warm water

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