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What's Inside the box - 1 x Chamos Blueberry Control Nutry Cream

The Chamos Blueberry Control Nutry Cream is a light weight water drop cream formulated to provide an intense moisture boost, invigorate blood circulation and, maintain/reinforce you skin’s natural radiance.

The blueberry, green tea and black soybean extracts are a great antioxidant that enhances your skin's immune sytsem and promotes the circulation of the blood. They are great in soothing your skin after everyday exposure to ultraviolet rays or general pollution while supplying nutrients to your skin.  

The Chamos Blueberry Control Nutry Cream will help moisturize your skin and supplement nutrients to your skin to help your skin retain elasticity and radiance. It will maintain your skin's moisture/oil balance leaving you with skin feeling radiant, refreshed and beautiful.

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