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Keeping your rice free from creepy crawlies and contaminants just got easier with this rice canister

If you cook regularly, you'll know keeping creepy crawlies like weevils and other bugs out of your rice canister and containers can be a bit of a problem. They've got their way in and there's little you can do about it...unless you've got an airtight rice canister like this one!

Invest in the best airtight rice canister container to keep your family happy and healthy

The Ohana airtight rice canister will not only keep the rice clear of weevils and bugs, but the rice also remains fresh, fragrant and ready to cook. It is a superior, top quality storage for not just rice but also for all types of foodstuff ranging from snacks, nuts to cereals and biscuits.

OHANA HOME LIVING specializes in bringing top quality kitchenware that not only enhances the functionality of your family home, but it also put the 'home' back into 'house'. It belongs to a long line of Nordic, Scandinavian, and modern lifestyle exclusive home products.

Buy this Ohana Air-Tight Pink Rice Canister Container Multipurpose Food Storage now

This is an PRE ORDER ITEM and SHIPS FROM OVERSEAS. Kindly expect an additional of 14 - 28 days above the standard delivery days.

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