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Refreshing Face Wash is specially designed for men by Fair and Handsome. It includes Aqua, sodium Laureth, Potassium hydroxide and Menthol. These ingredients effectively refresh the skin. If it is used twice a day, the skin dramatically becomes better within 3 weeks. About the Brand
The skins of men are generally more exposed to sun and dust than women. Man's skin is also 20% thicker than woman's skin, with larger pores and more melanin production making them more prone to darken the skin. Fair and Handsome found that the texture of man's skin is different from the woman and needs a product that designed exclusively for them. Fair and Handsome products have been specially designed for men’s skin since 2005. It is a pioneer brand from the house of EMAMI, in India. Fair and Handsome ensure that the tough and thick skin gets thoroughly cleansed with its powerful cleansers.

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