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Your Natural Body Cleanser

Today’s affluent lifestyle often leads us to consume foods rich of fats and proteins over a prolonged period, these saturated fats clog up in our body and accumulate as harmful toxins and lipids. Unlike commercially available vinegar, HoneyGar is specially derived from the natural fermentation process that brings along the pure honey taste and fragrance. Mujeza HoneyGar is rich in enzymes and anti-oxidants that restores the PH balance in our body, reduces cholesterol level and helps slimming.It helps to excrete toxins from body system. It prevents kidney stone, gallstone, migraine, and reduce fatigue. It also helps fight skin allergies and reduce uric acid levels and helps treat gout problem. Revives cells lives, repairs uterus, improves condition of hypertension and hepatitis. It can also quench thirst, stabilizes anxiety and helps to fortify the body’s immune system.

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