Brand: Casio
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Polyphony 256 notes, Tri-sensor scaled hammer action, Simulated ebony & ivory keys. Tones: 50 Hex Layer, 300 presets, 20 drum sets, 350 users. Stage Settings: 4 Zone, 100 users (10banks x 10numbers). DSP: 4 lines, 20
types. 4 arpeggiators, 1000 phrases sequencer, Controllers: 4 knobs, 6 sliders, bender wheel, modulation wheel, 2 envelope responce pedal jacks. LCD Screen, USB Flash Drive Port, Audio recording/playback, SMF playback, MIDI IN, OUT/THROUGH, USB Host Port, Stereo Line IN/OUT, includes AC adaptor, SP-3 pedal & FOC carrying case.

Shipping days : 7 days

What's inside the packaging :1x Keyboard, Pedal, 1x AC Adaptor, 1x Music Stand, 1x Dust Cover

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