1 x ANMYNA Skincare Toner (150ml/bottle)

Brand: Anmyna
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Main functions:Replenish water directly and cleanse face for the second time. Soften cuticles and balance pH level. Tighten pores and promote absorption of nutrients.

Core effects:Replenish skin moisture, unclog pores to improve absorption, achieve luminous skin. Improve oil and water balance, tighten pores for smooth and delicate skin.

Product highlights:Safe and gentle. Contain 30% of essence. Replenish moisture quickly while improving  skin’s immunity.

Tips:Drench a cotton pad with Skincare Toner and wipe skin from the inner to the outer part of face.


  1. Morning: Use a small amount of product to moisture skin. Apply eye cream and then repeat, this time with a generous amount of product.
  2. Evening: Use a generous amount of product after cleansing. Repeat after applying eye cream.

Reminders:This product is designed to last for one month. Balance after one month shows that amount of product used each time is insufficient. Skincare Toner is essence water. If using for the first time, apply a small amount of product for three days for skin to adapt.

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