Brand: Anmyna
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  • Formulated according to Malaysian weather to cater women with sensitive, oily or dry skin.
  • Using microemulsiontechnology to form nanoparticles in order to boost penetration and absorption.
  • Contains aloe vera and oat extracts to calm, nourish and repair skin.
  • Regulate oil-water balance within skin.
  • Repair damaged and sensitive skin.
  • Relief discomfort from dry skin.
  • Refreshing and hydrating.

Soothing & Comforting with Intense-repair & Moisture Replenishing Effect : Able to calm, nourish and repair skin. Regulate oil-water balance. Improve damaged or sensitive skin. Relieve dryness for dewy and fresh skin. Direction : Spray onto clean face and neck every morning and night, or whenever needed, to replenish moisture and awaken the skin. Also perfect for freshening up makeup.

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