1 x ANMYNA Compliant Silky Shampoo (520ml)

Brand: Anmyna
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Main functions: Get rid of dust clean hair at cuticle layer, clear germs and dirt;remove dandruff and aging skin;clear dandruff and hair follicle; remove grease and other secretions.

Core effects: Clean hair follicles and dusty hair effectively; thorough cleansing, combat bacteria effectively to present clean hair;remove dandruff, stop itchiness, strengthen hair root.

Product highlights: Fragrant imported from Germany, fresh fragrance around the clock;tame frizzy hair with additional plant protein ingredients,better hair elasticity;Imported pump head, prevents fluid overflow and contamination,consumption saving.

Tips: Apply directly on wet hair, massage hair till large volume of bubbles are formed,use fingers to massage scalp for two to three minutes, rinse with water.

Instructions: Press twice to apply concentrated nutritious shampoo for short hair. Press four to six times for long hair.


  1. Do not scratch scalp using nails, scalp may be damaged which also lead to dandruff growth.
  2. Apply Silky Hair Conditioner for smoother and more elastic hair
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