1 x ANMYNA Brightening and Moisturizing CC Cream (Single)

Brand: Anmyna
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Main functions: Whitening and concealing. Nourish and moisturize skin. Act as a shield between skin and makeup. Protect skin from dust, sand and smog.

Core effects: Whiten and conceal flaws for bright and soft skin. Effectively protect skin against pollutants and irritants in the air. Shield against makeup, hide pores and protect skin. Pamper and nurture skin to return to natural skin tone.

Product highlights: Contains 70% rare plant-based essence as precious nutrients. Double sealing to protect the plant-based essence. Piano-like high gloss finishing for trendy and fashionable design. Free pre-makeup cream for double action and natural makeup look.

Tips: Pat on product gently. Do not massage into skin.

Instructions: Use after pre-makeup cream. Dot on product evenly until desired    whiteness is achieved.

Reminder: Gentle formula, suitable for breastfeeding mum

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