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A Program Created to
Express Gratitude & Recognition.

LamboPlace Gift Vouchers Program is a gifting or rewarding program designed to help ease gifting choices for both personal and professional purposes.

Corporate and SMEs are welcomed to purchase our gift vouchers in bulk at much lower rates for gifts and goods that are worth much more!

Enjoy Interesting Benefits

Spend Less but Get More

Our voucher program reduces your expenses but remains the values of the vouchers.

Exclusive discount & promotions

Enjoy Special discounts and promotions from participating retailers and shop outlets

More Rewards

Additional LamboClub Points (+0.5 pts) on the price of selected products

Variety of brands & products available

More than 500+ brands to choose from on LamboPlace for Customised Gift Vouchers

Customization of vouchers based on requirements

Gift voucher are fully customisable based on the brand and products selected

Save cost & time

Save cost & time spent on trying to choose the perfect gifts

Maintain reputable

A presentable and valuable gift to your shareholders to maintain an esteemed reputation

Boost your Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy to build company image

Give it to the



As an encouragement /
as employment incentives


As a token of appreciation
and acknowledgement


As marketing attraction /
goodie bag valuable inserts

Cash Gift Voucher

Any brand as you requested

Cash Gift Vouchers are monetarily valued vouchers that are as good as cash. The denominations available are RM10, RM30 and RM100.

Tailored Gift Voucher

Best Gifting needs

Tailored Gift Vouchers are customisable gift vouchers to best suit your gifting needs.

Package Customization

We customize the package based on your objectives

Buy more save more

We customize the package based on your objectives


Just submit inquiry and we will do the job for you.Be hassle free

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Click on the button below

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Fill in the necessary information

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Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible
The gift vouchers can only be redeemed by the bearers of the vouchers and LamboPlace is entitled to honour the vouchers when presented rightfully.
A minimum order of RM500 is required for this program.

This voucher will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.
This voucher can only be used at LamboPlace with the stated valid dates.

LamboPlace reserves the right to change, modify or amend the conditions herein at any time without notice.